City tour & Aliaga house


  • We will start the tour taking you through Lima in its 3 historical periods: Pre-hispanic, Colonial and Modern. We will first show you a panoramic view of “La Huaca Pucllana”, and then you will visit the impressive Historical Downtown of Lima: Its palaces, mansions, churches and squares, ending with a visit to the residential district of San Isidro and an unforgettable view of the Pacific Ocean from the district of Miraflores.

    This tour includes the admission to the BCR Museum and the Complejo Monumental San Francisco and its Catacombs.



    After we will go to ALIAGA HOUSE, that understandably transformed by earthquakes and changes in fashion, the mansion has served almost 5 centuries. It has therefore the same age as the city of Lima.

    Its historical values derived mainly from three aspects: the first one of the original houses of Lima, have belonged to one of the co-founders of the city and conqueror of Peru and being inhabited by the descendants of the conqueror to date, unique in America.

    Their artistic value is clear from the beauty of its interior space of the poetic and evocative of their original environments and distribution of their environment, forming several levels.

    Traveling through the beautiful rooms of this mansion one can perceive the history of colonial and republican Lima.

Rate / 2016

PRIVATE TOURS (Minimum 2 persons).


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